2015 Comeback

Pre-Release Track: Party

Music Show Performances and Interviews

Week One: The Comeback Stages

[07.10.15] Music Bank: Check and Party and Interview
[07.11.15] Show! Music Core: Catch Me If You Can and Party
[07.12.15] Inkigayo: Check and Party and Interview

Week Two

[07.14.15] The Show: Party and The 1st Win and BTS
[07.15.15] Show Champion: BTS and Party and The 2nd Win and BTS [subbed]
[07.16.15] M! Countdown: Party and The 3rd Win
[07.17.15] Music Bank: Party and Suju's Love at First Sight (feat. Yoona) and Interview and The 4th Win
[07.18.15] Show! Music Core: Party and The 5th Win
[07.18.15] Live Monster (Japanese Promotions): Catch Me If You Can and Mr Taxi and BTS
[07.19.15] Inkigayo: Party and The 6th Win

Week Three: The Goodbye Stages

[07.23.15] M! Countdown: Party
[07.24.15] Music Bank: Party and Interview
[07.26.15] Inkigayo: The 7th Win

Other Performances
[07.16.15] Mnet Japan M! Countdown: Party and BTS
[08.01.15] Ulsan Summer Music Festival: Party and Rehearsal Fancam
[08.15.15] KCON NY 2015: Catch Me If You Can and Genie and Party and Ending
                  Fancams: Intro and Check and Gee and Full Talk
                 Backstage: Full Q&A (subbed)

Title Tracks: Lion Heart and You Think

Week One

[08.21.15] Music Bank: You Think and Lion Heart and Interview (unsubbed)
[08.22.15] Music Core: Show Girls and You Think and Lion Heart
[08.23.15] Inkigayo: You Think and Lion Heart



  1. tnx for the update of snsd comeback really appreciate it hope you can put the new variety show the girls on onstyle w/ eng sub hehe tnx

    1. dont worry as soon as someone subs it i got u covered:]

  2. i found the subbed Music Bank Stardust. Here's the link :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkIuUNFPe3A

    1. You're welcome and thank you for compiling all these. This helped me a lot :D Just hope to find the complete video with sub soon :)